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    The Right Backup System and Backup Software Will Save Your Bacon

    The Right Backup System and Backup Software Will Save Your Bacon! I can not say this often enough, and I can't tell you how many horible stories I have heard about people losing their data because they did not have a good backup or any backup at all! Most people put more trust in their computers then the computers deserve. Server computers have advanced hard drive systems so that if one hard drive fails your system will continue to run while you change the bad hard drive. Workstation, home and small offices which do not have a server computer with an advanced system are many times  one hard failure away from losing it all and they don't even know it! These single user, single hard drive style computer systems have a single hard drive in them and were never designed for you to run "everything" off of, but for many reasons people do, and most people do not have a good backup in place so when the hard drive fails they lose all their data and many times much more then that.

    There is a solution! hard drives will always fail but you can make sure you have a complete backup of your system. There are several steps to getting a simple and easy to run backup in place to protect your data and future.

    Step One - Get an external USB hard drive and plug it in to your system, Here is a recommended hard drive system you could purchase:



    Step Two - Download one of my favorite free backup software packages and install it. I like easeus TODO backup because it's free and it can be used to make a backup of not just your data but your programs too!


    Step Three - Do frequent backups and do test restores of your data.

    Step Four - A cheap off-site backup (buy two of  the external hard drives and swap them off-site).


    If you feel you need a professional to to help you in setting this up feel free to contact me and check out my company web-site:


    PS: A backup is not just for when your system crashes, sometimes you might over write a file you need or may it may become corrupt. I also recommend making more then one backup set so you have several backups to fall back on.


    Enjoy and let me know what your experience is!





    Reader Comments (2)

    Nice Chris, I've tried that hard drive and backup software combo and love them!

    February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJill

    Interesting, I will check it out.

    February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBill

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