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    The Step by Step Path to Enlightenment of a Vajrayana Buddhist 

    I still remember the day I met my teacher at an internet seminar, little did I know that after a 1 ½ year debate which I ended up losing, and having a realization come to me one day, that I would become a Vajrayana Buddhist. Ever since my mother was run over by a car when I was 16 [she lived and is fine today] I had promised the universe I would join a group of spiritual aspirants who could seek a common liberation together; I might even end up being one of the helpful managers. I had visualized white healing light entering my mothers body to heal her even know I was not sure what I was doing back then, perhaps creative memories for another life time.

    About 1-2 weeks after I started chanting my Guru’s mantra, he appeared in my dreams in his rainbow body and told me I could start practicing if I wanted too, and then once I did, my teacher helped me learn the basics of practice for every single day for 6 months. This is greatness of a true Buddhist teacher, and one I have had many lives together with I feel strongly.

    For me one of the greatest parts of the Vajrayana teachings is every step of the way as my practice has built up I have received confirmations that I am on the right path to connecting with my deities. I hope to share my experiences of hope and spiritual joy as much as I can with others.

    My mind has become calmer and more let go from the anxious ways of my past, instead of being the water crashing over the water fall in the chaos, I feel more like the calm space right below which it flows over sometimes now. I still have hard times, emotionally and physically of course because I am human, but I know I am not the same man I was when I started my journey in 2000. I still have a long way to go, but perhaps I have taken one of the small steps which is part of the step by step system of Vajrayana to the enlightened viewing of my own true mind.

    I am told that all Buddhism is great, Hinayanna, Mahayana and Vajrayana, and that Vajrayana is a step by step set of practices that makes it possible to become enlightened in a single life time. While I am not enlightened yet, I can certainly see my own step by step progression and how much has changed in my inner being since I started on my final path back in 2000.

    I am always grateful to my Guru’s, the Buddha’s, Dieties, Protectors, and all who help and support common mortals like myself trying to make some progress. I hope to continue to develop my mind of loving kindness and compassion.

    With Love for all.


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