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    “I am dying, but I want to thank you for all your Kindness.”

    “I am dying, but I want to thank you for all your Kindness.”


    On June 12, 2010, standing on the school’s auditorium stage, an eleven (11) years old girl said “We are about to be parted, but I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all the teachers and schoolmates,”  as she spoke, all the audience members were in tears.


    Six month ago, this fourth grade student was diagnosed with Leukemia (White Blood Cancer), after merely five months of treatments, the family cannot go on to support the child’s expenses for cancer treatments; they have given up the hope of continuing any further treatments. This leaves Ge Wen Qian with a few more months to live.


    On the Stage, the bald headed girl, despites of loss of all of her hair from Chemotherapy; with whiten complexion and weaken body, insisted  on going back to school, using most likely her last moment to express her thankfulness for the money raised to send her to the hospital for Cancer treatments.


    With her childish voice, she continued “I am not given much time, but I truly appreciate all that the teachers and students from our school that helped me by donating money to my cause, I am here to bow to you to show my respects and my deepest gratitude…”  As she spoke in an emotional voice, a few times she stopped and wept in silence; 900 teachers and students listened in silence and many shed tears while listening.


    As she continued, “I also wanted to say thanks to my Home Room Teacher Shen Wei Hua, I am not given much time, so I wanted to go to Hang Zhou to see the Beautiful Xi Hu (West Lake); I also wanted to go to Tian An Men in Bei Jing (Peking) to see the raising of the flag; but most of all, I want to come back to school and attend classes with my follow classmates….” Now, the tears were all over most of the audiences’ faces.


    According to the newspaper report, on December 2 of last year, Ge Wen Qian was confirmed with Leukemia positive. To a poor farming village family, this is truly harsh and hopeless news, not only did the family have to spend all of their money, but had also accumulated a lot of borrowed debts.


    The school wanted to help, together they raised about 40,000 Yuan RMB (approximately US$5,856.00); but the full treatment requires between 500,000 to 600,000 Yuan RMB (approximately US$87,828.00), so the money raised by the school was quickly used up.


    Despite, the harsh certainty of losing the only child, the family had decided to stop treatment after one more Chemo treatment; with full understanding from Ge Wen Qian, she had quietly accept the decision of the family.


    The Home Room teacher, Shen Wei Hua said, Ge Wen Qian is an excellent student, a reasonable daughter and a brave child. At the final moment of her life, she still had the grace to be thankful for those people that helped her; her action today gave a lesson to all the students, as well as to all the teachers; and that is to value life and be thankful of society”.


    She said, “She will go for a final Chemo treatment, and may be this time, she won’t be able to make it back any more, “I sincerely hope, there will be a “Miracle”, I really don’t have the heart to see that girl disappeared right in front of US.”


    A miracle, is what Shen Wei Hua asked for, can we provide the hope for a miracle to this teacher? A miracle, for the students and teachers of this school; so they know, there are people in this world who still care?


    Most importantly, I hope for a miracle to happen to this brave young girl, so she may live to get married and have children someday. A miracle, I also wish for her parents to see their grandchildren someday.


    As a further bonus, I wish all of you who read this article have a miracle in mind; realizing for a long time to come, that you know a child is living because of you.


    May be a Miracle of 600,000 Yuan RMB ($87,828.00) is too much to ask for? But what about another 80,000 Yuan RMB- a mere $11,712.00 USD; but it will buy her another eight months of treatment, which will give us more times to raise more money!


    For the sake of humanity, empathy and compassion, I hope many of you will do something to help. If money is an issue, then, please send this article out to someone you feel they may be able to help. Many Blessing to all that help.


    Best Wishes and Reverting of the Merits:


    “May those people that help with money, efforts and good wills, may they be  granted the wealth and health while alive; and when the final moment comes, may those of you go where you desire, be it the choice of Heavens or Buddhas’ Pure Lands.”     “So Mote Be It”.


    “By the Law of Karma “Give and you shall receive”, and by the merits of all my practices throughout the three times, I command this wish be granted.”

    “Om Ah Hung, So Ha.”

    stbb- A Vajrayana Yogi