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  is dedicated to learning, and growing. Our goal is to be portal of information on a variety of topics such as: Buddhism, TEchnology, Writing, Creative Arts, Meditation, Health and more.

    stbb is a practicing Buddhist and Taoist with over 3 decades of learning and practices. A Chi Kung Practitioner and Health Practices Observer and has over 30 years of business experience.

    Lotus-Tech is a technology and cybersecurity expert with almost 30 years of experience in all areas of computer hardware, software, and security. He has extensive experience in how to properly and safely implement technology in a variety of business environments. Lotus-Tech is: CompTIA A+,Security+, Network+, Cloud+, Mobility+,Server+, and Cisco CCENT Certified. He is a founding member of the Excelsior Security Group.

    Lotus-Tech also a practicing Buddhist and Taoist. He plays in a band, the guitar and sings as well as writes poetry too; he enjoys many creative endeavors.

    Your comments, feedback and submissions are always welcome.

    Namo Ah-Mi-Toh-Fo may the Buddha's loving kindness and brilliant healing white light bless you.